Additional information

Taevaskoja Holiday Centre is located in the small village Taevaskoja. Nearest shops and ATM machines are in Põlva – small town 8km away from Taevaskoja.

You can pay with bank card or with cash for the extra activities provided during the summer camp – canoe trip, canoe rafting trip, kickbike hike, adventure course, climbing wall.

You can only pay in cash for the Evergreen t-shirt, and for the snacks/drinks bought from the summer camp night cafe.


Taevaskoja Holiday Centre is located 700 m away from Suur Taevaskoda (Large Heaven’s Hall) sandstone cliff which is considered one of the most popular natural sights in Estonia. The sandstone cliff rises  22,5 m from the river surface, the total relative height of the sandstone wall is up to 38 m.

Väike Taevaskoda (Small Heaven’s Hall) sandstone cliff is also located only a brief walk away. Its sandstone cliff is up to 13 m high. Natural springs have carved a cave into the wall, which has been named Neitsikoobas – the Virgin’s Cave. Over the years, many fascinating folk tales and legends about the sandstone cliffs, boulders and other objects in Taevaskoja have been created.

Historians believe that the cliffs have been named Heaven’s Hall (Taevaskoda) because estonians believing in the Taara God used to hold their meetings there. The legend however says that the Vanapagan (Old Devil) had been so enchanted by the place’s beauty, that he had built here various rooms underground and named them the Heaven’s Halls.

The river flowing by the Taevaskoja cliffs is called the Ahja River, and it is one of the most popular rivers for canoeing and kayaking in Estonia. Taevaskoja Holiday Centre itself is surrounded by nearly 40 kilometres of hiking trails.